From pastiche to sophistication, Garçon Grotesque improves on a classic for today's designer. Designed in a multitude of weights, extended latin character set, small capitals and a working lowercase, Garçon is built for any situation that calls for sophistication, elegance and culture. Download the Specimen PDFReview Garçon's featuresRead the ILT article

Garçon comes in Five Weights with Matching Small Capitals

Built in five weights, Garçon Grotesque allows for great flexibility. Use the Bold weight for beefy headlines. Use the the medium and regular weights for subheads and decks. Use the Light and Thin weights for a softer, more delicate tone. All weights have the same size spurs, so you can mix and match!

Garçon supports Eastern European Languages and Turkish

Right out of the box, Garçon Grotesque offers full language support to most eastern european speaking territories. Most foundries release these accent characters as a "pro" release at an additional fee. Just because you speak Turkish or Croatian, shouldn't mean you have to pay more than a designer who speaks English. Please see the Specimen PDF for more information about languages supported.

Garçon comes with three stylistic sets

Accessible as a OpenType Feature, Garçon Grotesque offers alternate forms of the uppercase "J", and the lowercase "a" and "g". Use Stylistic Set 01 for the alternate form capital J. Use Stylistic Set 02 for the alternate form of the lowercase a. Use Stylistic Set 03 for the alternate form of the lowercase g.

Garçon includes Tabular Figures

Also accessible as a OpenType Feature, Garçon Grotesque offers tabular figures in all five weights. Perfect for menus, tabular figures allow for number listings to align easily and without shifting if a different font weight is selected for emphasis.