This End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is entered between Thomas Jockin ("Mr. Jockin") and the end user who has purchased the font software ("you") You agree to the following terms when you have purchased and installed the font software onto your computer:
  1. With purchase, you has obtained a non-exclusive, terminable license of this font software for Personal or Internal Business use.
  2. You may not resale, distribute, modify or reverse engineer this software.
  3. The basic license agreement does not apply to typographic products. This is defined as items for sale that consist predominately by the font software. For example: Letterblocks or T-shirts consisting of an single glyph. Glyph is defined as the bitmap or bezier representation of an letter or symbol as produced by the font software. The responsibility to acquire an additional license for such typographic products is on the end user.
  4. Your license permits the installation and access to the font software on the permitted number of computers. If a server is being used, the end user must purchase the correct license for how many authorizes users will access the font software.
  5. Authorized user is defined as either an individual and their immediate household, OR an corporation and its employees, officers, directors and agents that has purchased an license of the font software.
  6. The end user and their authorized users are permitted only ONE license. For example: The end user may not purchase 5 separate 1 CPU licenses instead of the required 5 CPU license.
  7. The end user is permitted to send a copy of the font software to a commercial printer or service bureau, if the files are destroyed after use.
  8. The font software may not be rendered online with a @font-face CSS technology nor with sIFR methods.
  9. Mr. Jockin owns all rights and titles to the font software.
  10. Failure to purchase the additional or proper license will not be interpreted as a wavier or permission of use of any kind.
  11. Mr. Jockin reserves the right to revoke the license agreement, if there is a breach of the EULA, and reasonable measures are not taken to resolve the violation.
  12. This agreement may be changed without notice. Please refer to for the latest edition of the EULA.
  13. This font software is provided "As is" without warranty or representation of any kind. Use at your own risk.
  14. Mr. Jockin will be held harmless as a consequence of the end user's breach of the EULA. This protection survives termination of the EULA.
  15. This EULA will be governed by the laws of the State of New York, in the Untied States of America. Litigation will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the State of New York.
  16. In case of Litigation, if the end user is found guilty of violating the EULA, the end user will be liable for Mr. Jockin's legal fees, in addition to the damages from violating the EULA.